10 – Production Design


Color Pallete
Props (Work in Progress)


Location 1 – Run Down Hotel Room

A schematic of how the layout of the desired motel.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 9.26.21 PM

*TV Place is the remaints of what used to be a TV, but it has been stolen or broken and taken out of the room but never repaired - like a TV stand and a plug that isn’t connected to anything.

Motel is cluttered with trash, lots of desaturated colors and lots of greens. Red will follow Chase throughout the hotel. It will be lit with a soft overhead for absence and light use hard light to direct the audiences eyes to subjects and separate the subjects from their backgrounds. The hard light will be motivated with the lights at the mirror (clf’s with a slight flicker to them), bathroom (cfl’s with a slight flicker to them), lamps (cfls) and helicopter search light. Here is a frame that is similar to the desired color palette and how the space will be lit and also serves as an example of why white walls should be avoid for the motel room.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 5.35.01 PMWhat kills this shot is the white walls but otherwise this similar to the color palette and lighting of the motel room.

Other examples:

look book 5

This is a great example of the texture, lighting and color pallete desired for the motel.
 look book 4 
Good example of the space by the window for the motel.  look book 3 
Good hard spot light for the helicopter search lit. 
look book 2 
Another great example of texture and color palette. 
look book 1 
Example of how the subject will be lit and color palette. Hopefully the walls won't be white so they won't appear so bright in frame. Also a good example of tone.
 look book 7 
Good example of color pallete and tone.

Location 2 – Bedroom

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 9.26.32 PM
The ideal layout will be similar in layout, BUT VERY DIFFERENT FROM LOOK AND FEEL, to the run down motel.The closer to layout the better.

For cinematography the ideal location will:

  • Have several windows
  • Be on level where lights can be set up through the window (and have neighbors who won’t lose their shit if lights are set outside)
  • Have a high ceiling
  • Walls that are blue or cool colored

Color palette should be blue (blue is to the wife like purple is to Marie in breaking bad) with a complimentary color of purple. The scene will be mainly backlight (motivated by the windows) with low fill. The light will be a warm color temperature. An example of the room will be lit, but not designed is here:
Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 10.38.31 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 10.39.37 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-29 at 10.43.33 PM

It'll be lit like this. The warm colors in the scene make the scene look much hotter then is intended for this scene.The example on the far right, gives a vague idea of what the blue walls with warm light will look like. However, the overexposed windows, the warmer color temperature and dreamlike feel are similar what will be achieved in the bedroom. 

Another example of the look that is far better then what I achieved in the above stills:

look book 6
This still has a few stylistic choices such as a wide angle lens (which won't be used in the bedroom scenes for close ups), a green color palette (which also won't be used in the bedroom) BUT the lighting from the window and low fill on the subject IS what will used in the bedroom. 

Location 3 – Desk

The desk will be somewhere in the bedroom. AS OF WHERE WE, IT IS CURRENTLY UNDECIDED. 
The desk should be very monochromatic, covered with only shades of grays and blacks, EXCEPT for the BLUE letter. The lighting will be harder then the rest of the bedroom stuff, motivated by a DESK LAMP. Otherwise, the rest of the will be the same as the bedroom.

Location Photo’s

Location photo’s can be found: here.

Color Palette

Below is a very pastel and ugly representation of the color palette that will be used in the film:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 5.17.24 PM

The green and red will be used for Chase and the motel. The green is the primary color that will be used in the motel scene while the red is a symbol for Chase refusing reason and following his passion. Red will follow chase through the film examples include (red lights in the motel casting the color haze on chases face, the backpack begin red and the mirror in the motel having a red cast [might be lipstick or blood] exactly where Chase’s reflection is).
Blue is the wife’s color, which symbolizes reason. Blue is the wife’s favoriate color and not only will she be wearing it, but the bedroom will also be covered in it. The letter that falls out of CHASE’S backpack will also be blue (and should be written in yellow pen)*Need to test.Purple doesn’t much meaning to the scene other then give the scene more color variety in the scene to avoid having the only color in the room blue.

Here's a visual representation of the color wheel:

The Symbols of Color

Here is a list of colors that represent the stages of life according to  Storaro, which fit in without of events in the script.

Black is the beginning of life. Non-being/before birth – Fade in from black
Red is the first waking color and also symbolizes primitive urges – Chase’s color
Orange and Yellow represent the beginnings of awareness – incorporate into the bedroom scenes (don't know where yet)- Homework for Mike 
Green  growing awareness of later knowledge – WHen the decision dawns on him - needs to figure that out - Mr. McCarter 
Blue – the color of intelligence – The wife
(“The passion of red” conflicting with the “reason of blue) – the conflict of the entire film
Last is White/pure light which symbolizes death – The blinding white light at the end of the film 


Important Props:

  • Red Backpack (One that’s torn up and shit and one that’s not)
  • Blue note with yellow hand writing
  • Desk lamp for desk (black, white or grey)
  • *Green (army green) sheet. Not too bright or else it will look like christmas damn it.
  • zip ties
  • Something orange in Chase’s backpack
  • Something yellow (flower vase, picture frame, ect.) for set dressing to put behind Sara in the bedroom scene 
  • Wild Wall (if we are going to use Conner’s room) which will have a window pane
  • Blue paint to use for Conner’s room



To be determined. Something red.


To be determined. Something blue.

Guy Who’s Tied Up:

Nice suit that is large enough for the actor. The suit is obviously a little beat up to match the person. Red blood stained on shirt.

Zip ties for hand cuffs and something to gag him.


In the Motel:

Only square. Lots and lots of squares. However, at the end of the film, after Chase has read the note circles will begin to appear. When he is reading the note, have the red clf globes in the shot and make them out of focus bokeh. Have a circle on the door that chase opens. And a circle in the bathroom that is only scene when Chase unties the man.

There should be an X in the bathroom with the man who is tied up.

In the Bedroom:

There should be no squares at all on this set. All the set dressing should be circles. There can be several clocks because Sara’s time is limited (check with Mike)

Example of circles in the set dressing can included, circular mirrors, clocks, circular pictures and frames and decorative plates.

Special circles:

  1. A large clock over the bed. When Sara is at the desk, her head should dissect the circle with her head in her close up.
  2. A circle behind Sara when she is standing by the dresser. At a point in the scene she will dissect the circle.

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